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Free for iOS
and Android*

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For whom?

Pimmer increases sales of small and medium-sized businesses that have the potential to grow.

Offline outlets

If you've achieved big sales offline, but the share of your online sales is still small, use all of Pimmer's mobile capabilities to grow.

Vendors on the social media

If your social media messenger sales are actively growing, start using Pimmer to scale up.

Online stores

If you have the website but don't have the mobile app, use Pimmer to create one and increase conversion on mobile traffic.

Catering: food courts and cafes

If your cafe isn't service oriented, you don't need waiters and cashiers. Ordering is now moving to an online menu from your smartphone.


For most merchants, mobile apps are an inaccessible tool because of the high cost of creation and maintenance.

Pimmer uses new App Clips and Instant Apps technology as well as the concept of mini-apps when creating the platform in e-commerce.

Any seller can spend 5 minutes to create their own sales apps from a smartphone without a programmer or a designer.


pimmer terminal

The store owner and his employees use Pimmer app to:

1. Create a blitz app for their store;

2. Create a mini-application for their store;

3. Control products in the catalog;

4. Process orders;

5. Adjust store settings:

  • 1) working conditions;
  • 2) payment and delivery methods;
  • 3) roles for employees.

blitz applications

Blitz apps (Apple's App Clips and Google's Instant Apps) are lightweight apps that you don't have to install from the App Store and Google Play.

You can launch the app with a link, QR code or NFC tag. Therefore, the apps are instantly distributed.

The store doesn't need to invest money to get the user to install the app on their phone.

The merchant has all the data about the customer.

Orders from the blitz app are displayed in the Pimmer app.

mini applications

Store mini-apps are a new format to communicate with your customers.

The store automatically integrates with other applications at no new cost.

The mini-app gets new traffic sources with relevant users at the right time.

The mini-app has a user interface similar to the blitz app.

The merchant has all the data about the customer.

Orders from the mini application are displayed in the Pimmer application.

super apps

Turn your app into a super app to:

1. Add value to your users by adding new features to your app;

2. Create new revenue streams:

  • 1) sales commissions
  • 2) acquiring
  • 3) loans and installments

By integrating the Pimmer SDK, your app can instantly run mini-apps inside your app in a native way.

Pimmer Showroom is a list of mini-application stores. You can select the appropriate ones for your app and instantly display them.

Orders from the super app are displayed in the Pimmer app.


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If you want to launch online sales through Pimmer, but you lack the tools or need additional advice, then contact us anytime: [email protected]